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Congratulations Lee!

June 9th, 2007

Go Go Go Joseph!!!! All my love and luck for the ride of your life! Scream if you wanna go faster!!!


Shame for Seamus…

April 28th, 2007


Not exactly a gracious departure mate! ‘Conspiracy theories’ and changing the words?? :roll: Hmmmm. It really is so hard in front of those cameras though as they can make you appear as someone you perhaps aren’t - the power of editing. However - they can’t put words in your mouth so maybe his parting comments weren’t the most sensible.

But, who’s talking sensibility in a situation like Live Saturday Night TV eh?? For what it’s worth, I really liked Seamus. Although he was ‘portrayed’ as rather arrogant, I can’t be sure that in real life he isn’t simply a mature, hugely talented and passionate guy. From my similar Maria experience, I can testify that it’s bloody hard having, and knowing, your own mind in a manufactured situation like this. I’m 28 and found it tough in there having everything dictated 24/7. We might as well have been at boarding school! All choice, and therefore integrity as a performer, is taken away from you. You’re left trying to not only perform to 110% of your ability every time (maybe with songs not well suited to your vocal capabilities), but also to come across well on camera. To be liked, whilst being true to yourself and fighting for what you believe in. It’s totally unlike a real audition situation where you’d never be asked to sing unsuitable material or to be something or someone you’re not. Good Luck Seamus! I hope you do have a show of your own very soon. Any parts for me?? ;)

So, I am now officially hooked on ‘Any Dream Will Do’. Of course the whole of The Phantom of the Opera cast and crew are voting for Lee Mead who was wonderful again tonight - GO LEE!!! We’re all rooting for you baby! :lol:

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